Saturday, May 10, 2008

Caution Consumers of Caramilk

This is a warning to all ya'll out there who might want to invest in a delicous chocolate bar in the near future. Be warned!

One of the newest most cutting edge creations coming out of the Cadbury camp is called the Caramilk 2 Thick. 2 Thick, some might say, is a ploy to bring people who love a thick and chunky combo of caramilk and cocoa. Perhaps it is a challenge to those curious epicureans who want to take on the 2 Thickness. Maybe it is for those with monstrous mouths, who have yet to find a snack that compares to their gaping gobs. I don't buy it!

I think 2 Thick was a clever concoction by Cadbury to convey the Caramilks that just didn't fit. 2 Thicks are just the pieces of Caramilk that didn't make the cut, because they are TOO THICK! This isn't a joke people, the marketing for this bar tells you everything. Buyer Beware This Chocolate Bar is Too Thick for Regular Mouthed People! It doesn't ignore the issue of its gigantosity, it fully embraces it.

Through some solid research I've discovered the Caramilk Thick bar which, I assume is the smaller cousin (most would assume it's half as small since 2Thick should be twice as thick but that's not the case, Thick is 50 grams while 2 Thick is 80 grams. Rip off? Yes.)

Anywho, Caramilk 2 Thick's are delicious and I highly recommend those able-mouthed people to enjoy their girth.
Bon Appetit
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